Signature on Metal

3,000+ Brands Adopt Findingbox

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Chemical Etched Tags

Logo has same color with the metal

Stainless Steel

10mm 12mm 15mm 20mm



14K Gold Filled Tags

Mechincal Engraved

7mm 8mm 10mm 11mm

Which tag is right for your brand?


Quick production

Support most details,fits complex logo,more letters

Expressed in black or light color


Quick production

A bit deep engraved into the metal surface

Support classic logo


7~ 10 days Production

Just right depth of the logo carved into the metal Electro-plated after etched The logo has the same color with the metal

Professional looking

How to make your jewelry design a property of your brand?

A product

may lose the connection with its brands and designer

when it was sold

It changes dramtically

if it was attached with your logo tag

Various materials & finish colors match-up your products


Affordable metal

Electro-plated in gold,rose gold,silver,gunmetal,and antique-colors

925 Silver

Affordable precious metal

Electro-plated in gold, rose gold, rhodium

Stainless Steel

Enhanced tarnish-free

Electro-plated in gold, rose gold, high polished and vaccum plated stainless steel is adopted in deluxy jewelry and watches

14K Gold Filled

Replacement to gold

1/20 14K gold covered perfectly over brass, exactly 14K gold look and feel, life-time tarnish free