About Us

Findingbox was founded in 2012. Our small crew is based in Shanghai, China. We started our jewelry supplies business on Etsy.com previously, from where we met a lot of great designers and jewelry brands. They not only purchased our products but also share us with amazing thoughts and inspirations. From which, we developed our new product lines constantly.

In 2014, we launched custom jewelry tag business. By this moment (findingbox.com launched at January 2018), we have helped 2000+ customers creating their own logo signature imprinted jewelry tags, beads, pouches and other findings. Those products integrated the brand of designers onto the jewelry products, they delivered an unique symbol, icon and spirit of the brands to consumers. They are the emotional connection between the brand and its followers after the product sold.

We defined these products as JIBO (Jewelry Integrated Branding Objects). Now it's our major product line. We are pursuing to be the most professional provider in this area.

We are so honored of having created a various styles, featured branding supplies and we will do more and more in the feature. These elaborately designed products make the brand signature expressing more appropriately, more organically and more sensitively.


To become a leading innovative company in jewelry industry, which creates happiness


By a broad and deep integration with new technology, we are encouraged to be innovative, make a better quality, better efficiency and better agileness of the JIBO production lifecycle. Create wealth to bring more happiness to our customers and our crew.


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