Premium Quality Brass

🆕Introducing our Premium Quality Custom Jewelry Tags designed to elevate your branding! Crafted with attention to detail, these personalized tags are the perfect finishing touch for your jewelry pieces.

-Material: brass
-Thickness: 1mm
-Polishing: hand polished mirror finish
-Coating: vacuum sputtering

💎Luxurious and Durable
Our premium tags are meticulously hand-polished to achieve a mirror-like finish that stands out. Using advanced vacuum sputtering for coating, these tags retain their shine for longer periods, making them a lasting representation of your brand.
✂️Personalized and Unique
Show off your brand with personalized laser-engraved logo tags. Just upload your logo, and we'll handle the precision laser engraving to make your brand stand out.
📌Versatile and Functional
These aren't just for jewelry - use these custom metal tags to brand your handcrafted items, bespoke clothing, accessories, and more.
Each tag is individually slotted in our packaging to avoid scratches during transportation, ensuring your tags arrive in perfect condition.