Get Ready for Holiday Seasons 2019

Get Ready for Holiday Seasons 2019

Holiday seasons all over the world are over as summer and winters vacations because of Christmas and New Year. And getting ready for this season for a jewelry designer is: having a lot of modern and trendy jewelry designs, all set up to launch in the market before the season, marketing strategies built, and customer support on standby. Because vacations are all about having fun, dressing up, looking pretty, and enjoying holidays. And dressing up is incomplete without jewelry. And jewelry opted in these seasons include pearl dangling, layered chains, uneven earrings, tassel earrings, charms, unique rings, and many more unique jewelry items.

Brand story:

Most of the people think that brand story is the history of that brand or something that have been strategized in a marketing meeting. And they are right to some degree as it is an essential part of a brand story. But other than the history of the brand, there are a lot of things that aggregate to make a brand story. The universal accepted definition of the brand story is:

"a brand story is a combined narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings that are created by your brand. Unlike traditional advertising, which is about showing and telling about your brand, a story must inspire an emotional reaction.”


In simple words, a brand story is a combination of facts on which your brand is based and the feelings you and your customers share. These feelings are created from the research of your target audience until the consumption of the product by the consumer, including all of the procedures in between. But the major part responsible for the creation of these feelings is marketing, through which a brand delivers its purpose and passions to the customer in such a remarkable way that customers connect themselves with the brand.

A brand story is not always from the brand; sometimes, it is generated from the customers. And that mostly illustrates their experience with the brand. Nowadays, people write comments, feedback, and blogs on the social networking sites of the brands, telling the experience they went through the visit of the brand. 

The brand story of Findingbox:

The was founded in 2012. Our small family comprising of the efficient crew is based in Shanghai, China. We commenced our jewelry supplies business on previously, from where we met a lot of amazing designers and jewelry brands. They not only bought our products but also share us with amazing thoughts and inspirations. From this, we developed our new product lines continuously.

In 2014, we launched a custom jewelry tag business. By this moment ( launched in January 2018), we have helped 2000+ customers creating their logo signature imprinted on jewelry tags, beads, pouches, and other findings. Those products integrated the brand of designers onto the jewelry products; they delivered a unique symbol and spirit of the brands to consumers. They are the emotional relationship between the brand and its followers after the product sold.

We defined the products as JIBO (Jewelry Integrated Branding Objects). Now it's our primary product line. We are continuing to be the most professional provider in this area.

Designs catch up with the trend:

The people set trends by their likes and dislikes. Item mostly liked and bought comes top of the trend. After that, brands try to make products based on the trends. In 2019, jewelry trends included beads, pearls, layered chains, uneven earrings, tassel earrings, and ear studs. And following all these trends, designers pursued their designs using unshaped pearls and beads, bracelets having layers, layers of chains, pearls and beads in a necklace, use of gold in rings and ear studs. Chokers were introduced by most of the designers this year. The idea of gold flat chokers came from Egyptian jewelry designs. Sterling was also one of the most used items in jewelry designs caught up by the trend. Handmade jewelry went top on the trend. Brands like finding boxes promote these kinds of designers by offering their services even on a microscopic scale. They take orders of the single piece too so that anyone can do it.

Stock up:

Stocking up means gathering all of the items in one place. For a jewelry brand that is getting ready for the holiday season, stock up would be finalizing all the things, converting designs into finished jewelry items, boxing up all the finished products, and setting up them for display. And last but not least, gathering all of them in one place.

Campaigns planning:

Campaigns are a series of events organized physically or virtually to introduce a new brand or a new product of already existing brand to the people. These kinds of campaigns are called marketing campaigns. Such campaigns are led by the strategies to attract the highest number of buyers by offering different types of opening discounts, small gifts for a specified number of opening customers, gift vouchers, and sometimes even actual products are distributed free to a limited number of customers by lucky draw or something else.




Marketing: Interaction with the audience:

Although a brand is dependent on its consumers, from its research of the target audience until the selling of the product. Even it continues after that informs of customer feedback. All this procedure is based on the interaction between a brand and its customers. But the most crucial part is marketing because it is a way for the brand to convey its message and its feelings for the audience that led to the production of the product. And the audience responds by buying the product after getting connected to the brand. Sometimes marketing techniques include giving away jewelry accessories to its loyal buyers. These accessories may consist of jewelry bags, jewelry pouches, jewelry displays, jewelry beads, and jewelry tags along with the brand name or label engraved on it. Although marketing is the most significant expense of any brand, if we call it the backbone of the brand, then it won't be wrong to say so. Product is made by the brand, but it is sold by marketing.