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Unlike the past few years, the fashion trend has changed this year, especially in the Jewelry industry. Numerous new trends and some updated ones are being introduced this year. But the highlighted trend was the introduction of jewelry with gender-punk vibes. By introducing such jewelry designs, the fashion industry has opened arms for all the people who are thought to be a misfit for this society. Adding up all the spices, jewelry has been introduced with the combinations of different materials; Lots of Gold, Classic Pearl with the new shape, life-giving Statement Earrings to personality, and the famous Chunky chain....

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For jewelry brands, which processing approach is the best to imprint logo or business name onto a JIBO (jewelry integrated brand object) which can be jewelry tag, bead or other finding? If you don't like to afford a private mold and a MOQ of tens of thousands pieces for each design, basically there are three alternatives on the ground. Laser engraving, mechanical engraving and etching. The advantage of the 3 approaches we are talking here The common advantage of these three approaches is you don't have to make a huge quantity of the base metal component, instead you can just order...

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