Integrated Branding Solution for Beaded Jewelry

Integrated Branding Solution for Beaded Jewelry

Compared to jewelry packaging stuffs, such as jewelry box and jewelry bag, integrated branding object is to be attached onto the jewelry product itself. The brand signature on it has more chance to be seen by the customer who wears the jewelry. Other people may also see the brand when being around with the customer. It's a great branding approach for jewelry designers and brand owners.

Beaded jewelry is one of the most popular designs, but choose integrated branding objects for beaded jewelry isn't so easy. We bring you 4 solutions in this video.

1. Custom jewelry tag

Jewelry tag looks more adopted on chain necklace, but it can also be used on beaded jewelry.

One thing we should notice that do not attach the jewelry tag on the end part of a bracelet, it will be hung from the backside of the wrist, and it's easy to scratch the table when writing or working with a laptop. Also, we should try best not to make the tag too close to other charms, otherwise the tag will hit and scratch other charm.

2. Round logo bead

A logo bead with the same size or even the same color with the major beads of a beaded jewelry would be an unexaggerated branding way, it would not cause any negative feelings from the customer.

Of cause, a complementary color or split complement color bead would be great depends on your design purpose, especially a different looking bead may work as a charm bead.

3. Geometrical charm bead

More and more designers are desiring to adopt geometrical beads especially on men's jewelry, as they have hard-sharp edge, very cool shape but simple. With logo engraved on the geometrical bead, the jewelry design will rise up the branding effect immediately. It's not only a logo bead but also a major star on the jewelry.

4. Shamballa style slip knot closure bead

Shamballa style slip knot closure bead features both of closure bead and logo bead. Do not just make a knot closure if you don't want to make cheap bracelet.