Top 5 Jewelry Trends of Winter 2019 and Spring 2020

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Top 5 Jewelry Trends of Winter 2019 and Spring 2020

Unlike the past few years, the fashion trend has changed this year, especially in the Jewelry industry. Numerous new trends and some updated ones are being introduced this year. But the highlighted trend was the introduction of jewelry with gender-punk vibes. By introducing such jewelry designs, the fashion industry has opened arms for all the people who are thought to be a misfit for this society. Adding up all the spices, jewelry has been introduced with the combinations of different materials; Lots of Gold, Classic Pearl with the new shape, life-giving Statement Earrings to personality, and the famous Chunky chain.

Ideas Inspiration to Jewelry Designers:

Nowadays, it is imperative to be different from others to survive as well as grow in the market. Especially in this advanced era of technology, where everything is just a click away from a person. In this shrinking global village, Jewelry designers need to design such kind of jewelry, which bounds a customer to buy it. And to do it, designers are thinking out of the box by mixing different types of materials and shaping materials differently. Like in past years, there was no trend of rubber jewelry, jewelry made up of threads, safety pins, and many more. But now every material is used and given different shapes like pearl has been introduced this year in different shapes and styles. Jewelry designers take inspiration from their surroundings.

  • They make designs seeing nature, paintings, even from different cultures. Flowers, leaves, peacocks, feathers, birds, snakes, owls, these are the most commonly used designs in jewelry. Seashells, dried flowers, leaves, stored insects are also used in jewelry.
  • They make designs from old times with some of their alterations because people tend to attract towards antiques. Such as designs from great Egyptian mummies. African jewelry made of feathers, Hawaiian jewelry from seashells, and many more.
  • One of the essential ideas of inspiration in this mechanical era is handmade jewelry. It is a general concept, more the effort more the result. No doubt, machine-made jewelry cannot compete with handmade jewelry.Unique Jewelry Design

Big Brands’ Show:

Big Brands Show is a kind of show in which all brands related to a specific industry get together under a single roof and showcase their items. Such displays and presentations are arranged on a large scale, mostly internationally, throughout the world.

  • Same of its kind, HKTDC (Hongkong Trade Development Council) arranges Hongkong International Jewelry Show every year in Hong Kong for jewelry trade business. This exhibition is held in Hongkong because Hongkong is considered as the premier international Hub for jewelry trade business.
  • In 2020, HKTDC is going to arrange the 7th HKTDC Hongkong International Diamond, Gem, and Pearl and 37th HKTDC Hongkong International jewelry show at Asia world-expo and Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
  • This show provides business opportunities to over 4600 jewelry designers, jewelry makers, and jewelers from all over the world.
  • It provides online registration for the ease of sellers.
  • There is a list of categories of jewelry exhibited from all around the world, from where the seller can list down his work into the related category.


Most searched:

Anything searched mostly on the internet becomes the trend. And in 2019, there were a lot of jewelry findings on the trend, but all cant be on top. So we are going to list down the top 5 jewelry findings of this year.

  1. Mismatched earrings:

From ages, earrings have been an integral part of women’s beauty enhancing accessories. But the concept of earrings from our mothers and grandmothers' times is a mirror reflection of one earring to the other one. But now, this myth of the same earrings in both ears has been denied. Yeah! You read it right. This year mismatched earrings were on the top of jewelry findings. They look great on western dresses as one long and the other short as well as on eastern dresses as one ear cuff, and the other one as stud and the variety go on.Mismatched earrings

  1. Shells and beads:

Boho-chic jewelry made of shells and beads ruled in 2019. It gives a sense of calmness. Such kind of jewelry can be used as formal as well as informal events.

  1. Chunky Rings:

From colorful cocktail rings, the trend has been shifted towards fully metal rings. Because people want to show their personality through their belongings, especially by their outfit and accessories. These kinds of rings are chunky, heavy, and statements are written all over them, which gives a great reflection of the personality.

Unique Jewelry Design

  1. Bold chains:

Time of simple, elegant chains has passed. Now bold and bright chains embedded with pearls and beads are being liked. Bracelets embedded with small things like metal keys, elephants, locks, hearts, and many more charms.

  1. Layering:

It was one of the old trends of the 1980s when brides used to wear layered necklaces on their weddings called "Nolakha Haar." But slowly gradually this trend vanished, but now its in the top 5 jewelry findings. Same as layered rings are being liked a lot.

Layering Necklace

Suggestion to small jewelry brands:

  1. Direct customer relation:

In every business, the relationship with the customer is significant to run the business smoothly. And in jewelry, it decides the life of the business, more the relations, more the life of the company. The seller must know what customers are in search of, what they like, what they don't like, what price are they willing to pay, what the geographic styles are, and many more. His jewelry logo should be in the customers' heads.

  1. Unique designs:

Being a jewelry designer or seller, one should make sure that his jewelry designs must be unique that can’t be found everywhere. And when you become that one happening seller in the market, you are ready to approach the trendy boutiques in the market to carry your wares.

  1. Meeting buyers:

There is a proper procedure to reach buyers. You can’t just get up and go to the buyer and ask to buy your jewelry. First, you have to make a catalog of your designs along with their wholesale pricing details. Send the packet to the buyer through proper procedure and make an appointment and then meet him.

  1. Business expansion:

You cannot expand your business anytime. You first have to analyze where your business stands, what are your financial conditions. Whether you can produce more or outsource items. Analyze and expand.

  1. Ups and downs:

Ups and downs are part of life as well as business. There would be hurdles in going ahead, but you have to take that courage to face all the problems and move forward.